Summer has begun | Toronto Family Photography

Toronto Documentary Family Photography

Summer has begun! | Toronto Family Photography

Back in May, during the Victoria day long weekend, or May 2-4 as its more commonly known, we started our summer off with a bang!  The pool was open for business and has been hopping ever since.  We may have also surprised my older cousins with a water balloon fight?! Continue reading

Team Alice! | Toronto Family Photography

baby face

Team Alice! | Toronto Family Photography

Back in January I was honoured to spend a morning documenting life with the Crawley family. In her first week of life, sweet baby Alice was in Sick Kids hospital for 5 days to try and find the cause of her jaundice. Two months later, Bonnie and Marco (mom and dad) have learned she was born with a rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia . Continue reading

Rise and Shine with Maya | Toronto Family Photography


Rise and Shine with Maya | Toronto Family Photography

When documenting a family session with children that are toddler age or older, there are plenty of moments to capture. Is it possible to have those same funny and heartfelt moments when documenting a family with a baby under the age of one? After meeting the family mentioned below, I challenged myself to do just that. Maya and her parents welcomed me into their family and allowed me to witness and capture the many moments of fun, calm and pure love that can happen no matter how many kids you have nor their age. Continue reading

Hanging out with Ava and Harper | Baden Family Photography

documentary family photography

Hanging out with Ava and Harper | Baden Family Photography

Meet Ava and Harper, two of my newest buddies, and join me as I relive the awesome adventure it was hanging out with them. Ava is 5, sassy, playful and the most dramatic 5 year old I have ever met, and I mean that in the best way possible. Harper is 2, sweet, silly, and LOVES to dance. Harper was initially frightened of this strange person who showed up taking pictures of her (me), but, she warmed up to me shortly and I was known to her not as Nicole but “Conan” 😉 Continue reading

Rise and Shine with Colin | Toronto Family Photography

boy in starbucks with dad

Rise and Shine with Colin | Toronto Family Photography

Welcome to the first post about the Rise and Shine sessions – 3-4 hour documentary family sessions that follow your family through their morning routine from the moment the kids wake up to nap time (or lunch time for families with older kids) and whatever happens in between. The idea is that this gives plenty of time for showing the connections that happen between family members while you go through the motions of everyday activities. My goal is to show all families that they don’t need to coordinate clothes and pretend they are always smiling and happy to make beautiful photographs of their life. Continue reading

Documentary Family Photography | Summertime 2015

boy with goggles in pool

Documentary Family Photography | Summertime 20015

Well, the pumpkin spice lattes have hit the coffee shops, which means, sadly, summer is officially over 🙁 As a form of denial, I suppose, I’ve decided to put together some of the pictures I’ve taken of my family this summer that I feel truly embody the joy of the season. It’s no secret, as you can tell from these images, that we have a pool at our house, which means when my younger cousins are not in some type of camp or at the cottage they can usually be found in our backyard! Continue reading

Documentary Family Photography | What’s Owen up to?

boy excited about train

Documentary Family Photography | What’s Owen up to?

I can’t believe it but my little nephew is just over 2 now and my sister is due with his little brother Hudson at the end of October.  Time really flies by and it’s bittersweet looking at how much he’s changed and grown. From mumbles, to full sentences. He is finding himself and narrating his life and it’s so amazing to watch.  As of right now his response to “do you want a baby brother?” is “No tanks!” sorry to break it to you Owey, but you’re getting one…I’m sure once he realizes he has a new little buddy he’ll be just fine but it will definitely be interesting to see his reaction once little Hudson makes his official entrance into this world. Continue reading

Documentary Family Photography | Isaac turns 2!

big cake

Documentary Family Photography | Isaac turns 2!

It was a stormy day here in Toronto on June 26, but that didn’t stop the Circus from coming to Isaac for his second birthday.  Wow, what a day…I have never seen a birthday party as well thought out and planned as this was. Nadia’s sister taught herself how to make balloon animals, hats and swords (HUGE hit with the kids…and adults).  There was face painting, games as well as prizes, and a professionally decorated homemade cake (which was also yummy!).   Continue reading

Documentary Family Photography | Baby Avery

mom and baby kiss outside

Documentary Family Photography | Baby Avery

Baby Avery is the newest addition to the Forbes family.  She was only three weeks old when I did this newborn shoot but was already full of personality and showing off her adorable big belly. Avery made an unexpected entrance into the world when she was born at home before the family could even make it to the hospital.  Luckily her grandmother was there to catch her 😉 From the few hours I spent with the family it was clear to me that Avery and her older brother Spencer are very loved, happy and have amazing parents 🙂 These are some of my favourite images spent with the family. Continue reading

Documentary Family Photography | Twas the holiday season

sleeping family

Documentary Family Photography | Twas the holiday season

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Christmas!  I’m that really annoying person who’s finished all her shopping in the early fall (sometimes even in the summer), and just gets to chill while everyone else is frantically trying to decide what to buy.  This year seemed a bit off though.  I know every year it feels like Christmas approaches extremely fast, however this year, I don’t know why, but even as Christmas got closer it just didn’t feel as happy and cheery as usual.   Continue reading

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